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Meet Dr. Zahl

As one of first 100 physicians to specialize in pain in the US, about two years after the launch of Oxycontin, I resigned from the speaker's paneI in 1998, and in a sense foresaw the opioid epidemic. Many more patients were addicted than reported by Purdue, the FDA ignored pleas for more regulation, and the rest is truly sad.  Like physicians who have treated patients for pain over the last 20 years I have also treated those with opioid related problems. 

I also treat patients for chronic pain and soon will certify patients for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program.  Click the links for further details.

Other treatment options include probuphine implant, Sublocate, Vivitrol, and other buprenorphine


We typically have rapid appointment availability, especially for those who register online.  

Subutex and Zubsolv also available


Once you register, Dr. Zahl or a member of his staff will call to help you start getting clean or sober.  Your needs are in expert hands.  Leave it to us.